Domingo cancels Cuba concert

November 26, 2016 by norman lebrecht


Placido Domingo has called off his hotly anticipated Havana homecoming tonight, due to the nine days of mourning declared for the death of Fidel Castro.

He is hoping to reschedule in 2017.



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    1. Max Grimm says:

      +1 @ SDG
      @Norman, this was suppose to be Domingo’s first time in Cuba ever…

      “The Spanish-born singer told a press conference in Havana on Friday that he had long looked forward to his first-ever performance in Cuba on Saturday.”

  1. Una says:

    Either way, Domingo didn’t have any choice but to cancel as he wouldn’t get an audience. I think Norman was using the word ‘homecoming’ in a figurative and broader sense, as we tend to in England … we all know Domingo doesn’t come from Cuba.

    1. Max Grimm says:

      What is the definition or meaning of the word ‘homecoming’ in a figurative and broader sense, then?
      (I’m neither English, nor a native anglophone)

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