New opera house opens tonight

August 31, 2016 by norman lebrecht


Placido Domingo will sing at the opening of Dubai Opera.

dubai opening

Also taking part: Ana Maria Martínez with an orchestra from Trieste, conducted by Eugene Kohn.

placido dubai

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  1. Don Fatale says:

    It begs the question – what makes it an opera house other than a name? Looks like it’ll be mainly showing blockbuster musicals. I checked earlier today and there were still seats for sale for Domingo’s opening gala, and lots for the operas that follow.

  2. Urania says:

    We will see…..just copying the West will not take them into the future. Interesting times and many challenges also for the Emirates.

  3. Hugh Jaarsz says:

    Isn’t that woman showing rather a lot of FLESH for this type of venue? Best check in machetes and knives at the door.

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