The Sydney Opera House is still standing – now in Google 3D

April 29, 2016 by norman lebrecht


Contrary to earlier reports, the architectural landmark was not laid waste by the X-Men.

sydney opera house destroyed

Instead, it’s the subject of Google’s latest bid for global mind-numb control.

Blurb: A 360° experience capturing one of the world’s busiest performing arts centres between the acts – waking up, in rehearsal and at rest – featuring the outstanding young Australian soprano Nicole Car, cellist and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s Director of Artistic Planning, Benjamin Schwartz and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra itself under the baton of David Robertson, Chief Conductor and Artistic Director. Created in partnership with the Google Cultural Institute and available on the Google Cultural Institute website.…

Watch here:

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  1. Mikey says:

    Technically, the X-Men aren’t the ones who lay waste to the Sydney Opera… that would be the bad guys. The X-Men are the good guys.

    1. someone says:

      Surely the X-Men are the good ones who are supposed to protect it, not to destroy.

      Anyway, it’s quite surprising to hear that they are still making X-men movies.
      The 1st and 2nd films were good, but in the later ones, suddenly it turned into a circus, just showing off all the possible fighting skills one can imagine.

      The YouTube film exploring the Sydney Opera House was a nice treat.
      A beautiful piece of visual art and one of my favourite songs ‘Song to the Moon’.
      Strangely or not, I like Dvorak very much.

      Norman, please do not play with the awful photo any more.
      I almost believed that it was real, in the earlier post.
      It took about 30 seconds to realise it wasn’t, because I was in for a shock. >.<

      1. Mikey says:

        I could have sworn that was what I said.

        1. someone says:

          I’ve just found something interesting.
          The 360°-3D view only works in Chrome and Firefox and maybe some other browsers, but it doesn’t work when using Internet Explorer, so you’ll see something quite different.

          It creates a mysterious atmosphere and something much more romantic and poetic than the 3D view.
          I much prefer this one.
          It reminds me of the inside of Casa Milà, one of Gaudi’s famous buildings in Barcelona.

  2. bo bootsman says:

    so this is it now

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