Putin’s cellist pal is playing on Slipped Disc

April 4, 2016 by norman lebrecht


The cellist Sergei Roldugin, who has been accused of laundering money in Panama for the Russian president, plays Alexei Orlovetsky’s second sonata, with the composer as accompanist.

Nice piece, but the intonation is not always squeaky-clean. Judge for yourselves.

sergei roldugin_bio

Comments (2)

  1. Peter Owen says:

    I think not ‘often’ squeaky-clean is more accurate (and sometimes it’s downright filthy).
    I’m afraid I found the piece to be dull and that the cello seems to have nothing remotely challenging to play suggests it may have been written with Mr Roldugin’s singular abilities in mind.

  2. Matthew says:

    Have you seen his musical colleagues??

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