An opera singer looks back on the cancer she beat

October 31, 2015 by norman lebrecht


Arianna Zuckerman has been given the all-clear. She is a singer, a teacher and a mother of two little girls under five years old.

In a frank video for Sexi Soprano, Arianna talks about the struggle, about survivial and the future.

‘I don’t have cancer any more. What a gift. I better make good use of the time I’ve got left.’

Her message: Get tested.

Watch. Spread the word.

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  1. Simon Evnine says:

    Is she Pinchas’ daughter ?

    1. V.Lind says:

      Yes, one of them, from the first marriage to the flautist Eugenia Zukerman. The other, Natalia, is also a musician, more in the jazz/blues/folk genres. Arianna Z. frequently sings under her father’s baton.

  2. Patrick John Gordon Shaw says:

    What VERY wonderful news! MAKES my All Saints Day here in Fuengirola, Andalucia. My younger sister has beaten breast cancer and this year there was a bowel cancer scare but fortunately the results returned negative?

  3. Arianna Zukerman says:

    Norman, thank you for sharing and helping to spread the word.

    1. norman lebrecht says:

      My pleasure, Arianna. So important to remind people to get chiecked.

  4. Shiou der wann says:

    You are always beautiful in your singing and person. You send courage and love for life. You bring laughter. I miss you. Love and kisses to you and your family.

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