Americans raise cash for young Russian cellist’s grave

September 30, 2014 by norman lebrecht


When the Russian cellist Dmitri Volkov, 26, was found dead in bed four months ago, the Heifetz International Music Institute at Mary Baldwin College paid for the body to be sent home to his family for burial.

Now, friends are trying to raise $15,000 for a headstone. They are nearly there, a few hundred short. If you knew Dmitri and are inclined to help, please click here.



Dmitri was cellist of the Baltimore-based Russian Trio.

Comments (2)

  1. OhGlorioso says:

    $15,000 for a headstone??? Someone is cashing in.

    1. esfir ross says:

      I burried relatives in Moscow and $1000 get you a monument, not just a tombstone. Who ask for $15000 expences?

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