Hot video: Berlin Philharmonic gets iced

August 31, 2014 by norman lebrecht


Smug? They invented it.

berlin phil logo

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  1. Shalom Rackovsky says:

    This isn’t smug, it’s brilliant….

  2. Max Grimm says:

    Brilliant, this is how it should be done. Raise awareness and donate if you can, without wasting water or passing on unsolicited “nominations”.

    1. Violachick says:

      Complete agree, Max. It’s original, hilarious and sticks directly to the main point of the challenge – which so many thousands of others seem mysteriously to have missed. Three cheers for Klaus!

  3. Michael Schaffer says:

    Very typical for Klaus Wallendorf’s super dry humor, like the famous Tokyo Subway Station Polka (here at 5:10)

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