Pop star, 24, gives $100,000 to her local Symphony

December 14, 2013 by Norman Lebrecht


The tabloids are full of Taylor Swift’s 24th birthday. What they don’t mention is the little check she dropped in on the Nashville Symphony. What an artist.




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  1. Sanda Schuldmann says:


  2. archer says:

    it was done in secret to prevent kanye west barging in, telling her where it would be better donated.

  3. Karella says:

    What an awesome champion! Wow, it’s wonderful to know it can still happen like this!!

  4. Michael Smith says:

    Ms Swift is a class act.

  5. Vincent Nieuwhof says:

    A fool’s paradise is a wise man’s hell! At least she shared 10c of those 4 chords haha

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