Breaking: Netrebko cancels Milan, Moscow

December 22, 2011 by Norman Lebrecht


She announces it here.

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  1. Thomas P says:

    Thanks, Carlos, for the Breaking New!!!

  2. Janey says:

    She cancelled her final Anna Bolena and final Norinas, plus recitals, too, for sudden illnesses. Some unmanageable over-scheduling, I imagine. If I wanted to see Anna, I wouldn’t book a ticket for a final performance!

    1. Anne S says:

      She canceled her last Bolena, too? She is still listed on the met site for the Feb 4th performance, to which I have -not so cheap- tickets, I wonder who I will be listening to then!

      1. Janey says:


        Sorry – I meant the past run this past Fall. Not upcoming. Sorry!

      2. Carlos says:

        Her Bolena’s performances in February are not cancelled. I guess the previous comment was about the last shows of the first part of the run.

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