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Violin dealer sent to Vienna for trial - Article - 19 December 2011

The flamboyant violin dealer Dietmar Machold will not face the mercies of Swiss justice. Machold, who declared bankruptcy last year, was arrested in Switzerland ten months ago on charges of fraud and embezzlement. Five Stradivarius and four Guarnerius are among 17 instruments, worth $50 million, that the authorities in both countries would like to trace. […]

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Breaking: priceless violin collection gone missing (update) - Article - 11 August 2011

Austrian police say they cannot trace five Stradivarius violins, four Guarnerius del Gesu and eight other precious instruments, as well as valuable bows, that were supposed to be in the possession of the controversial dealer Dietmar Machold. Machold was arrested in Switzerland five months ago and faces extradition to Austria, where he is accused of […]

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